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How to Be a Good Songwriter and Singer

How to Be a Good Songwriter and Singer

Becoming a great singer-songwriter is a career goal for many creative people. But it’s not always an easy skill to learn. Any artists who want to know how to improve songwriting skills should set actionable goals and work toward accomplishing those objectives on a regular basis. Here are a few tips for how to be a good songwriter and singer.

How to Improve Singing Skills

While there is some natural talent involved in being a great singer, there are also plenty of ways you can work on your craft and train your vocals over time. Here are a few tips you can employ to instantly improve your singing voice.

  1. Find your range: The best singers don’t try to do it all – they find a range they are comfortable with and master it. The best way to find your range is to practice singing a variety of different songs, then listen back to your own voice to determine which sounds the best.

  2. Warm Up your vocal cords: Your vocal cords are a muscle, just like your biceps or triceps. The best way to strengthen any muscle is to exercise it regularly to build up strength. But lifting weights won’t improve your singing voice. So instead you should research vocal warm-up exercises and perform them to prepare for performances or auditions.

  3. Sing from your diaphragm: Although strong vocal cords are essential to a good singing voice, breath control is also vital. Your breath is controlled by your diaphragm, a muscle located below the lungs. It may take some time to master, but singing from your diaphragm can create a deeper, more powerful sound.

Good Songwriter and Singer

How to Improve Songwriting Skills

Being a great singer can take you far but learning how to improve songwriting skills will make you the full package. Talented singers are nothing without inspired songwriters, so it will pay off to work on your writing skills. Here are a few simple tips on how to improve songwriting skills.

  1. Draw from your own experience: The best songs articulate something new about the human experience. But you won’t be able to hit that chord in your audience unless you’re being authentic to yourself. The best way to genuinely connect with fans is by drawing from your own life. Everyone has some unique experience or struggle they’ve overcome which can be the basis of a great song. You just have to learn how to identify that experience and put it to words and music.

  2. Work with Others: Collaboration can be a great way to learn and bounce ideas off of other creatives. Everyone has their own unique voice and style and it can be great for your creative process to see how other songwriters work. Maybe you have the perfect song written but need help with a catchy melody. Or perhaps you have a great idea for a song but need help with turning it into a finished product. Working with other artists, songwriters, producers, engineers, and music managers can be a great way to get new insights and ideas that can help bring your music to life.

  3. Don’t be afraid to take risks: Many creatives get writer’s block from overthinking. Putting your inner feelings and emotions on display for the world to see can be daunting – especially when you’re just starting out. But the only way to truly connect with fans on a deeper level is to take risks creatively. Not every song will be a hit, but if you don’t learn to let go and express how you genuinely feel, you’ll struggle to find an audience who will appreciate your music.

Additional Tips for Becoming a Great Singer-Songwriter

The best tip for becoming a great singer-songwriter is to simply practice and seek out constructive criticism. The more music you create and release, the better you’ll get at understanding what works and what doesn’t.

If you are still stuck, taking a course from a respected school such as the Vocal Booth can help you master your craft. Getting feedback from professional instructors with years of experience in the industry can help you develop your sound and learn to be a more experienced and versatile singer-songwriter.


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