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The Best Private Singing Lessons in Sydney

The Vocal Booth: The Best Private Singing Lessons in Sydney

Do you have a beautiful singing voice? Do your family and friends always say you should go on to sing on The Voice AU or Australian Idol?

Do you want to take your vocals to the next level, so you can sing in big arenas? Or maybe you'd like your own record, and your dream is to spend a few hours in a recording studio?

Private singing classes are a great way to figure out new and unique vocal techniques that can put you above the rest when it comes to singing. The Vocal Booth offers all these services and more, and you can bundle your services together to save money.

The Vocal Booth

The Vocal Booth in Sydney offers vocal lessons, songwriting, and vocal recording and production. The Vocal Booth's lessons are affordable and are offered in a friendly environment that will encourage you as you grow. The Vocal Booth is not specific to an individual genre of music. Any type of singer can come and learn how to sing their specific genre, and other genres as well, better. When you know which type of services you want (vocal lessons, songwriting, recording studio), you can take a look at our online scheduling board to schedule a time to come in and meet with a coach. You can even choose to bundle some of these services together to save some money.

Vocal Lessons

Our vocal lessons are one on one coaching in a friendly and easygoing environment. Our coaches are well-accomplished vocalists who have won many awards and competitions, including Australian Idol, The Voice AU, and others. Our coaches are well prepared to give you the best private singing lessons that Sydney has to offer.


Songwriting at The Vocal Booth is another great resource we offer. Our coaches help you figure out how to string together the words you need to use to get your message across. We believe that no one can convey the message you have to give except for you. We support your own unique style of singing and writing, so you can be yourself in your music. We want to create and cultivate musicians that are authentic in their art and talent. The Vocal Booth has the industry professionals and resources to get you there.

Vocal Recording

The Vocal Booth offers personalized attention in vocal recording. With top of the line equipment and your vocal coach with you, you can record a great single or album. The relaxed and friendly environment will help calm any nerves. We can just kick back, relax, and have a great time creating your own individualized music.


Clients of The Vocal Booth have seen great sucess in the Australian vocal community. Our vocalists have gone on to sing in singing competitions, TV shows, and win awards. Some of our vocalists, like Alfie Arcuri, have even won singing competitions. Alfie Arcuri won The Voice in 2016.

Our reviews are glowing because of our incredible coaches. Our vocalists trust their coaches because they have their best interests in mind, and each coach wants their vocalist to be true to themselves. We truly offer the best private singing lessons in Sydney because our coaches care about the trajectory and success of each individual pupil they coach.


In conclusion, The Vocal Booth offers top of the line equipment and incredible coaches to help you with all of your vocal needs. At The Vocal Booth, our coaches are by far our biggest asset. Although yes, our coaches are award winning, the real value in our coaches is the care and attention they show to each pupil. We offer the best private singing lessons in Sydney because of how dedicated our coaches are to you and your music. You can truly be yourself in the studio, and when it comes time to record, you can put down a great track with confidence. Your music will be uniquely you. Offering voice coaching, songwriting classes, and a recording studio,The Vocal Booth is the best studio in the business in Sydney.


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